Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spray Tan - solo exhibition opening this Thursday at Soil Gallery Oct. 2nd, 5 - 8pm

Initially this exhibition was going to be a selection of unfinished works and objects that people always seem drawn to when visiting my studio.  Researching "unfinished art", I read an article in the New York Times from January 2014 on the subject, an earlier one in the Huffington Post, and looked at Donatello's non finito works.  However, when I began gathering the pieces from my studio, I felt like selecting and arranging these objects would in fact constitute the act completing them.  I considered collaborating with another artist to perform this task, but in the end decided it might be more fun to drop the concept and just finish some of the work...
Earlier this year I purchased an airbrush set-up that had previously been used at a Spray Tanning Salon.  During a Seattle Night Out block party in my Rainier Beach neighborhood, I volunteered to do airbrush face painting.  I got a feel for the airbrush at that time, and returning to my studio, decided it might be fun to give some of these unfinished works a "Spray Tan".    The works in this show are acrylic paint and ink on previously unfinished collage of various kinds of adhesive tape on architectural vellum film. 
Path, 24" x 24", acrylic paint and ink on vellum film with polyimide tape, 2014
Spray Tan, 8" x 13", acrylic paint and ink on vellum film with vinyl, polyimide and PTFE tape, 2014
Veil, 17.5"x18.5", acrylic paint and ink on vellum film with vinyl, and PTFE fiber tape, 2014

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